3 tips for child dental prevention and care
Dental Prevention and dental care are both elemental practices that will ensure a beautiful, healthy smile, specially for children!

Preventive care refers to measures that you and your children can take to prevent both diseases and complications, these cares will help you avoid expensive dental costs and problems! Follow these tips and you’ll have a healthy smile along with your child!

Dental Prevention tips for parents

child dental careTake care of the little teeth

Kids don’t lose their baby teeth until age 6, yet it’s still a wonderful idea to introduce them to the Tooth Fairy! This will help them get excited about caring for their teeth and overall dental prevention. You can even add that the Tooth Fairy only likes healthy teeth without cavities!

Presents are perfect motivations!

We’ve gotta face it, finding money under your pillow is sure to motivate your children! The Tooth Fairy can leave little gifts to reinforce oral hygiene and dental prevention such as tooth paste or tooth brushes.

Make it fun

Many mobile apps bring the Tooth Fairy to life. While not all of them are directly promoting dental prevent and hygiene, they will teach your children about the Tooth Fairy which in return motivates them to have a better care of their teeth. Tooth Fairy Voice Mail and Tooth Fairy Was Here are great apps!

tooth fairy

Primary Prevention

Primary prevention is meant to avoid the development of dental problems in healthy people. Some of the most important dental prevention activities encourage less sugar consumption to reduce caries risk, these fall as primary preventive measures. Other types of prevention include use of flouridated toothpaste and vaccines that prevent infectious diseases.

Secondary Prevention

Secondary prevention is early disease detection, which aids in preventing the worsening of a disease to minimize complications and disabilities.

Secondary prevention can also detect diseases in asymptomatic patients by screening or diagnose testing that prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Secondary dental prevention include periodontal and caries screening and recording


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