6 tips for perfect teeth
Having a shiny smile requires a lot of good habits and discipline! Here are some tips for perfect teeth.

And it’s not just about having a pretty smile! Teeth help us chew and talk and they will make or break they way you look so keep your pearly whites in tip-top!

Tips for perfect teeth you need to know

In order to whiten our teeth, we must first learn why they get yellow! There are many factors that take part in this “yellowing” like genetics, your diet, your oral hygiene skills and more.

Teeth are made up of 4 tissues! Enamel: The strong pearly cover that protects the tooth, dentin which is te part that supports the enamel and carries the nerves, the pulp which is the center of your tooth and cementum, the cover of the root.

Go on a white-tooth diet!

If you chug down wine and black tea like there’s no tomorrow and you’re heavy on smoking, you might consider not having pearly teeth. Some other culprits that are to blame for stained teeth include gravy, dark juice, sodas and candy! 

What you can do is brush your teeth right after drinking or eating things that can stain teeth. Apples also have a very convenient teeth-cleaning effect 😉 tips for healthy teeth

“Detergent Foods” are good to go!

Foods and snacks that are either crisp or firm actually help clean teeth. Apples, carrots, celery and popcorn are great! We suggest you make detergent foods the last part of your meal if you know you may not be able to brush up after eating.

Check your toothbrush

Try changing the head of your electric toothbrush once every two or three months at least. If you don’t do that often, you’re just transferring new bacteria to your teeth and mouth, gross, right?

Brush with baking soda

Once a week is enough and it will remove stains and whiten your teeth at the same time! Use a portion of baking soda as if it was toothpaste. Salt can be used as well just remember to spit it out! High sodium intake isn’t good either. Salt also helps if your gums are feeling a bit raw.

tips for perfect teeth

Brush before and after sleep

One of the most important tips for perfect teeth! Just before going to bed and right after waking up are the two most crucial times for you to wash your teeth. Saliva dries up at night, and in case you did not know, saliva keeps cavity causing plaque off your teeth! It’s best to clean all plaque off your teeth before sleeping and after waking up.

Stay fresh!

Whenever your mouth feels pasty, it’s time for a breath mint or mouthwash sip! Make sure, though, that you stay away from products with alcohol because that dries out the tissues in your mouth and that makes it a happier place for bacteria. 

tips for beautiful teeth

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