how to avoid dental cavities
Having a shiny smile is very important! Which is why you must learn how to avoid dental cavities for you and your children!

Just like any other good habit, there are many tips and things you need to know before safely learning how to avoid dental cavities and care for your teeth

Prevention is key to avoiding any dental health problem, it is very important for you to brush, floss and take care of every little part of your teeth! This is the best way to avoid dental cavities and any other problem. 

How to avoid dental cavities

First of all, it is important that you know what dental cavities are. These can happen when erosion caused by acid food boosts dental decay.

Each tooth is covered by an enamel, a thick layer of it! Beneath this enamel is the soft nervous tissue. That’s why decay can be so painful! Avoid dental cavities by taking proper care and you’ll never have to experience this unique type of annoying pain.

When you don’t have an adequate dental health habit, dental cavities grow and pain kicks in, you can even lose the nerve if it’s not treated on time.

Did you know that 90% of us humans have had at least one dental cavity?

avoid dental cavities

Cavities are caused by…

  • Poor dental health
  • Consuming too much sugar
  • Not brushing your teeth

Dental Cavity symptoms

Usually dental cavities begin slow, however there are a few symptoms that you can spot easily. If you feel swelling, pain or higher sensibility when you eat or drink hot or cold. We recommend visiting a professional!

Don’t forget to check up regularly, get your teeth whitened and anything else to prevent and avoid dental cavities and other problems.

Have you ever had any dental health issues? Do you know any more relevant tips to avoid dental cavities? Tell us!

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