how do dental crowns work

Dental crowns are usually the best option!

How do dental crowns work?

When a tooth or a piece of the tooth is lost, a substitute must be added in place. There are several techniques that can help this situation but dental crowns are usually the best option. Bridges, just like dental crowns, work as a prothesis that are placed indefinitely in your mouth, unlike removable prothesis’ that should be taken off on a daily basis to clean.They are placed over teeth or implants. It is necessary to have a certified professional in order to get the job done safely and with perfect quality.

Dental Crowns: functionality and aesthetics

Dental crowns are pieces that completely cover the empty space that broken or lost teeth and pieces leave behind. They also grant a better aesthetic look to your smile, not to mention a great bite structure and functionality of your bite as well!

Most of the crowns are made of ceramics or porcelain. In most cases, the color of your real teeth is matched, which also gives a more natural look to your smile.

dental crowns

Gold and metallic pieces can be used as well since they offer a high resistance and use. 

Most experts use 2 different types of materials in dental crowns; first they place a metallic crown. Afterwards, porcelain or ceramic is placed to cover up the metallic tones. This way, you can keep resistance, functionality and aesthetics!

On which cases are dental crowns recommended?

  • Total piece replacement when a tooth is fractured or when there’s not enough tooth left in place.
  • When it’s necessary to place a bridge.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • When a discoloured tooth requieres cover up.

For us, at Conscience Digital Dental Clinic, it is very important that you go back home with a shiny bright smile, a professional job and a peaceful state of mind that the work that you got done will remain for a long time. It is our duty to ensure you quality and professionalism.

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