getting your teeth cleaned is a must
Getting your teeth cleaned is one of those dental hygiene prevention measures that must be done at least once every 6 months.

It is very common do find free options when it comes to getting your teeth cleaned, but before you go ahead and say yes to this, there are some techniques that must be covered in order to have a successful clean.

The best prevention: Getting your teeth cleaned

It is also known as tartrectomy and it consists in eliminating the tar or dental calcium stored between your teeth. This procedure can be done by hand with the help of sterilized tools or with ultrasonic or laser tools.

Getting your teeth cleaned is a painless process, however some people have hypersensitivity on their teeth and gums, so it’s also very common for some people to feel annoyed by the treatment.

Some of these slightly painful anomalies can present themselves when calcium is stored, which is why every 6 months you should do this procedure,

It is possible to undergo a professional dental cleanse as long as your gums are disease free. Diseases like periodontitis require a higher quality treatment.

Getting your teeth cleaned is fundamental for dental health and prevention of many, many diseases.

cleaned teeth

How is tar formed?

The type of saliva determines how much tar we produce. This depends on many factors but the ones that stand out the most are genetics and our body’s pH. If our body is really acid, it is very normal to produce a high quantity of tar.

You can prevent and/or reduce this tar production with a well balanced dental hygiene, by eating alkaline meals and using an adequate tooth brush along with dental floss and mouthwash.

Remember that prevention is the key to everything when it comes to mouth diseases and dental care, so stay safe, eat balanced and brush your teeth at least twice a day!

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