Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment

– Re-establish the shape and function of your teeth –

What’s a Root Canal Treatment?

Endodontic Therapy or Root Canal is a treatment of a tooth to remove or eliminate infection as well as to protect the tooth chamber from future infections.

A Root Canal is performed in order to save the tooth from being completely extracted as it only removes the infected tissue and pulp.

What are the steps to perform a Root Canal?

  • Diagnostic and preparation
  • Opening in the crown
  • Removal of pulp tissue
  • Devitalizing
  • Filling the root canal

Why should a Root Canal Treatment be performed?

To rid your tooth of disease without having to extract it
Gets rid of infection that has reached the tooth’s pulp and nerve
Eliminates bad breath
The overall cost is a lot less than other treatments
Improves your oral health

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