Oral Surgery


Severe pain is synonymous with an impacted wisdom tooth due to the pushing motion of the affected tooth against the surrounding area. Toothaches can also be expected if part of the tooth is decayed.

Swollen, red or tender gums

The gums around the impacted tooth will be swollen and tender due to the pressure from the tooth underneath the gum line.

Bad breath

Bad breath can stem from the bacteria buildup surrounding the impacted tooth, or can also be the result of tooth decay.


The pain from the impacted tooth can radiate to the jaw, neck, and the whole head area.

Unpleasant taste in the mouth

A weird, unpleasant taste that does not go away can signify a decayed impacted tooth.

We should pay attention to the status of our teeth to feel comfortable. It is imperative that wisdom teeth are examined regularly by a dental professional to determine the proper diagnosis and course of action. At Conscience Cancún Cancun we give you the support you need.

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