Orthognathic Maxillofacial Surgery

– Repairing aesthetic and functional aspects –

When we talk about orthognathic surgery, we refer to the repositioning of facial bone structures to bring back both aesthetic and functional aspects. The criteria we judge before said surgical intervention is:

  • Mandibular Discrepancy
  • Poor alignment of dental structure

Anatomic reasons:

  • Considerable misalignment of the jaw to the left
  • Lack of alignment in dental structures

Aesthetic Challenges:

  • Alignment and balance of the dental and facial profile
  • Facial asymmetry

Before we proceed there are several studies that the patient will requiere such as: x-rays, MRIs, photos and computer modeling of the procedure with the appropriate software for its correct interpretation.

All of these helps us plan and develop the right path towards a successful orthognathic surgery or facial realignment.

The orthognathic surgery also known as jaw surgery or corrective jaw surgery is designed to better conditions of the face and jaw that are directly related to bone structure, growth and have one or several of these side effects: malocclusion problems, sleep apnea, skeletal disharmonies, TMJ disorders or other severe bone and facial structure defects that cannot be corrected with braces.

Orthognathic surgery is mostly considered aesthetic but it can also correct several issues that come from a facial misalignment.

orthognathic maxillofacial surgery

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