Quality Assurance

Our priority is to keep all our patients very happy!

Conscience wants all patients to have a positive experience when they visit. This is a large part of the trust gained and rewarded with patients leaving happy and content that the work completed being of the highest standards and the health and care our priority.

Now we are human here at Conscience and dentistry is not an exact science but if completed properly should have a positive impact on the lives of patients.

We are certain that any of the above problems will never arise with your experiences at Conscience but we want you to be sure that we will not hide away from such important issues and that we operate with a open and transparent policy that protects not only us but you the patient.

We are here to help and improve the quality of people’s lives not to complicate. Your Trust in Conscience is precious and we want to reward it.

What Guarantees do you offer, what if i break a Crown or Chip a Veneer?

We have such confidence in the Laboratory and the highest quality of materials used we guarantee all our dental pieces for five years. If they break we will re do the work free of charge.

What happens if i am not happy with the work i have had done?

While this situation is unlikely Conscience will continue to work with you until you are completely happy with the results.

Do you offer refunds?

We would not want anybody leaving Conscience so unhappy that they feel the need to ask for a refund, but in that rare case we will happily refund the cost of treatments minus the cost of materials if a independent practicing Dental Surgeon deems that the quality of work/materials/workmanship is at fault, with this we will happily give a refund.

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