Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening

– An excellent choice for whitening –

Why choose Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening?

Your day-to-day activities over time stain and naturally darken your teeth. Many things that we normally do and eat harm our natural teeth’s color such as drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine and smoking, to name a few.

Many homemade remedies are not clinically proven and can leave a feeling of dissatisfaction with the results obtained. We recommend that before choosing a whitening procedure you consider the speed, convenience, durability, safety, effectiveness and, very importantly, the right dentist or specialist to do it.

The prefect choice to obtain a white, beautiful and radiant smile is the Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening, the most used in the United States because it is predictable, safe, fast and permanent. In fact, it is the only treatment that can get a smile up to 8 shades whiter in one session.

In Cancun, Mexico very few dental clinics have such a technology. Conscience does offer Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening, for this and much more we’re one of the best.

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How does the Zoom Advanced Power Teeth Whitening work?

This treatment takes about and hour and 15 minutes, it acts on the enamel and dentin. We first prepare the area to apply the whitening gel of concentrated hydrogen peroxide and then process it with an ultraviolet lamp to enhance the effect.

Peroxide decomposition allows the penetration of oxygen in the teeth; whitening the tooth through its entire structure, both surface and in the depth without causing structural changes in them.

Why use an ultraviolet light for this process?

Ultraviolet light is emitted from a lamp specifically designed to activate the peroxide, accelerating its penetration and increasing by 25% the effectiveness of the treatment.

After this procedure we recommend:

    • Flossing with an effective brushing 3 times a day or after every meal or drink that could stain your teeth
    • Regular check-ups and professional cleanings every 6 months

What makes it so efficient?

Clinical studies have shown that this type of whitening is safe if done by a qualified dentist. In fact, many dentists consider it the safest available on the market cosmetic procedures. To avoid tooth sensitivity our practice has a comprehensive approach to combating the underlying causes in an efficient and cost effective way. This treatment is not recommended for children under 13 or pregnant women or while breastfeeding. Before undergoing this procedure a professional cleaning is recommended to ensure its effectiveness.

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