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    Change your smile at a price 70% less than what you would pay in the US or Canada.

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Why Conscience?

Our mission is to change your life through a healthy and beautiful smile.

We want a simple visit to the dentist to become a wonderful experience, in which you will have an incredible view facing the sea while you have personalized attention by dental health professionals with studies in Europe for more than 9 years, high technology and a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Rita Cunniham

  • Multiple extractions.
  • Bone Redevelopment and Regeneration.
  • Placement of Dental Implants.
  • “Snap On” prosthetic solution and unit dental implants.

In this procedure participated:

  • Dr. Ricardo Peniche – C.D and implantology.
  • Dr. Karla Gutiérrez – Anesthesiologist.
  • Dr. Carmen Chavez – Dentist.
  • Dr. Marisela Morales – Rehabilitation and Prosthetics.
  • Shanel Shepeard – Patient Coordinator.
  • Carlos Garcia – Dental Technician specializing in CAD-CAM.

Price: $$$ Length:


  • Endodontics and root canal treatments.
  • Crowns CAD - CAM.
  • Extractions.
  • Removable Prosthesis.
  • Prophylaxis.

In this procedure participated:

  • Dr. Paola Mora.
  • Dr. Alain Mourgue.
  • Dr. Carlos Cruz - Dental Technician.
  • Dr. Marisela Morales – Rehabilitation and Prosthetics.

Price: $$$ Length:

Giovanna Paz

  • Digital Smile Design

In this procedure participated:

  • Dra. Marisela Morales.
  • Dra. Carmen Chavez.
  • Dra. Silvana Adriano.

Price: $$$$$ Length:

Jack Maxwell

  • Root Canal
  • Inlays CAD-CAM
  • Cleaning
  • Splint
  • Orthopedic Treatment

In this procedure participated:

  • Dra. Paola Mora.
  • Dra. Marisela Morales.
  • Dra. Carmen Chavez.
  • Shanel

Price: $$ Length:

How to start your treatment with us

    • 1

      We contact you via email or phone.

    • 2

      We send you the information and schedule the first appointment for the assessment.

    • 3

      We confirm the appointment.

    • 4

      On the first appointment, you fill out the medical history.

    • 5

      Depending on the diagnosis, the budget is delivered and appointment are made to start treatment.


  • Smile Desgin

  • Dental Bioesthetics

  • Dental Implants

  • Removable Prosthesis

  • Implanthology

  • Fixed Prosthesis

Get to know us

Dr. Marisela Morales Salinas

Dental surgeon and Director of Conscience Digital Dental Clinic
  • Dental Surgeon with a Master's Degree in Ethics and Public Health, Legal Medical Dentistry and Expertise in Corporal Damage in Dentistry from the Universitè Montpellier I in France.
  • 10 years of professional experience in private and hospital practice in Europe.
  • Certified in Holland and Brazil by the Paulo Kano Institute in Aesthetic Dentistry with new technologies (CAD-CAM) with a Diploma in Implantology.
  • Member of the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetics Dentistry.
  • Director of Conscience Digital Dental Clinic®.

Dr. Ricardo Peniche

  • Postgraduate studies at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago, Chile, con a master's degree in oral rehabilitation and a specialty in implantology.⁣
  • Coordinator of the diploma in oral implantology at the Anahuac - Mayab University and professor of the implantology and rehabilitation chair at the graduate and undergraduate level.⁣
  • International speaker⁣.

Dra. Paola Mora

Dentist Surgeon
  • Degree in Dentist Surgeon.
  • Postgraduate in Endodontics.
  • Lic. Dental surgeon in Latin American University and Postgraduate in Endodontics in Latin American University.
  • Endodontics Perfection Cours.
  • Endodontics Update Course.

Dr. Xavier Peña

Periodontics Specialist
  • Diploma in Oral Implantology in the faculty of dentistry of the Anahuac Mayab University.
  • Postgraduate in Endodontics.
  • Speciality in periodontics at the faculty of dentistry of the Autonomous University of Yucatan.
  • Dentist Surgeon in the faculty of dentistry of the Autonomous University of Yucatan.

Dr. Loreta Gaona

Pediatric Dentist
  • Master: Dental Sciences carried out at the University Latin American.
  • Index and predisposing factors of dental caries in children aged 3 to 10 years attending the specialty clinic of Pediatric Dentistry of ULA CAMPUS NORTE 2011-2013.
  • Census in government schools of the state of Naucalpan.
  • Specialization in Pediatric Dentistry concluded at the Universidad Latinoamericana.
  • Bachelor: Dental Surgeon at the Latin American University graduated with honorable mention.

Dr. kenji Sashida

Dentist Orthodontist.
  • Degree in Maxillofacial Orthopedics.
  • Diploma in Periodontology.
  • Diploma in Surgical Implantology.
  • Diploma in Maxillary Sinus Elevation.
  • Diploma in bone regeneration and prosthetics.


We have the most advanced technology for all your treatment

3D Print

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Computerized facial design

Robotic manufacturing of glass ceramic dental desgin

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